Nursing Assistance To The Bedridden Patients

The cost of nursing is very high for those patients who do not require special assistance but yet require day care assistance. There are many companies which are providing care to the bed ridden patients suffering from chronic diseases and require assistance on a daily basis. These companies are providing better and cost effective alternate to the hospitals. One such organization is run by Martha manquero-butler md.

in home medical services

Services offered by day care centers

  • Conductive diagnostic test for the bed ridden patients: The home based medical service providers also arrange for conducting the various diagnostic tests for the bed ridden patients thus saving the patients from the misery of travelling to the diagnostic centers and back home. The test conducted by the service providers could range from the simple procedure of collecting blood, urine and stool sample to conducting ECG and other tests from the portable machines.
  • Carrying immunization program: They provide vaccination to the bed ridden patients or the patients with limited mobilization. They also conduct and educate patients as how to prevent the various diseases from attacking them while they have very low immune system.
  • Coordinating with the specialist physicians: The day care service providers work as co coordinators between the patients and their physicians or surgeons if the patients are recovering from major surgery. They follow the instructions given by the physicians and surgeons thus helping in the fast recovery of patients. It is also seen that the patients show better recovery in company of these day care providers.

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